On the move, again…

About an hour ago, I got off the phone with John Grohol, Psych.D.

He’s the CEO and Founder, soul-owner and independent-operator of the first mental health website on the Internet, 15-year-old Psych CentralLearn. Share. Grow.

You may be familiar with his World of Psychology blog because I often link to it. There are many other treasures at PsychCentral, including Quizzes, News, and a diverse Community of forums and discussions. Even more. Plus blogs. Lots of intriguing blogs.

We spoke for an hour and I felt I’d found a soul mate in John. He’s open-minded, curious, willing to share. Our philosophies are remarkably  similar. We’re committed to community. To social change and public education. To reporting unbiased and balanced mental health information from a rich and diverse pool of sources and resources. To making a positive difference in the world.

To Recovery. Self-Determination. Hope.

I enjoyed our conversation thoroughly. Bottom line? He cares.

So, in about a week, Coming Out Crazy will be launched there. I’ll join his eclectic team of bloggers. I certainly do not have to submerge my Canadian identity. Rather, I’m joining a global endeavour to learn more and share more about vital mental and emotional health and wellness issues that touch all of us, directly and indirectly.

You’ll notice a few differences. I’ll be posting shorter and more frequently, at least three to four times a week.

Linking will continue as will engaging you  in a dialogue with me and I hope with each other.

I’ll even be staying on WordPress. John and his team will be provide editorial and blog support.

So, who knows? You may be seeing more art and more videos. And maybe I’ll summon up the courage to post a video of me talking to you!

What I like best is that I will belong to a community of bloggers, writers, resources ~ professionals and patients ~ sharing my voice and joining their conversation and continuing ours. Opening a window to new voices, too. What an adventure we’re beginning.

Can you believe we launched here exactly one week ago, today?

My head is spinning.

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck.

Speak soon!

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6 responses to “On the move, again…

  1. Congratulations! I hope that you will be happy in your new blog home.

    • Hi, Riayan…

      I believe I’ll be very happy moving to Psych Central because it’s a community, a neighbourhood, a team and I tend to be a team player.

      This move feels right for me. A little daunting, but we’ll see.

      In the meantime, thank you for your kind thoughts.


  2. Congratulations Sandy, that’s excellent news. Psych Central is a fantastic site.

  3. Hmm, just hoping this won’t leave you vulnerable to being ‘cancelled’ if that site’s owners decide on a whim that they’d rather do something else with your ‘space’.

    • Hi Jem,

      It could happen. Anything’s possible. I don’t worry about such things, if you want to know the truth. I just keep moving forward, one step at a time, churning out lemonade by the gallon as I go!


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