“How many 15-year-old websites do you know?”

While your wracking your brain trying to figure out the answer to that question, here’s the deal.

Despite our imminent move to PsychCentral and its stellar blogging team, I’m still here. Just packing up, so to speak.

I’m still responding and still keeping an eye on things at this address. Your comments, for instance. And this peculiar feature that tracks “stats” and  traffic, which I never had at The Toronto Star. I never knew who or if anyone ever dropped by. And no one ever told me. So just to let you know, I’m watching. It’s a little weird, like being Big Brother/Sister ~ with sincere apologies to all literary purists and fans of George Orwell‘s classic novel NIneteen Eighty-Four. I mean no harm, but I couldn’t resist that. The feminist in me made me do it.

By the way, today, PsychCentral is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. How many 15-year-old websites do you know? That’s the question CEO and Founder John Grohol, Psych.D posed in a Tweet today. They’re all partying down there. And so they should. What an achievement.

A little closer to home, you wouldn’t believe how much end-of-term marking I have to do. It’s going to be a little quiet over the next few days, so I’ll try to post during my marking fatigue breaks. Yes, teachers get marking fatigue a.k.a. grading fatigue. In the U.S. “marking” is called “grading” and soon I’ll be blogging “primarily for an American market,” so that’s another little change you’ll notice.

No more “honour.” Once we launch, it will be an “honor” to write this blog and I hope you’ll visit us in our new “neighborhood.”

Also, you should know that I’m going to continue writing for Brandie Weikle, the editor of Healthzone and Parentcentral at The Toronto Star, who started me on my blogging career in the first place. A mental health and wellness blog was her vision. I just collaborated with her and it turns out we’re a magical match, editorially speaking. She approached me cold.

This serendipitous pairing of editor and writer happens rarely in one’s journalistic career.  I’ve been lucky. My first editor at The Toronto Sun, Kathy Brooks was just such an editor for me. But I’m sure every writer she ever edited would make that claim.

For Brandie, from now on, I’ll be writing feature articles, not blogs. I already have my first assignment and it’s going to be such fun to write.

But right now, it’s a very busy time for all college and university professors, everywhere. The busiest. Plus, I’m squeezing time in to prepare for my next term which begins less than two weeks.

This is what happens when you wear are few hats at the same time.

By now, you must realize enormously big-headed, I am. :)

So, speak soon and here’s to a sensational meantime.

“Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.” ~ Groucho Marx

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8 responses to ““How many 15-year-old websites do you know?”

  1. Sandy,
    Big-headed? I would say it’s more like typically amazing — and inspiring. All the best. Look forward to your new venture.

    • Aw, Lori.

      You are so kind and generous. Your confidence in me warms the cockles of my heart. And you’ve known me for so many years. So personally. Why, we’re practically family! Honestly, when it comes to “inspiration” you are the “true” expert. I hope I can live up to your expectations and not disappoint. I’m very nervous.

      But I try not to think about it. Just keep working.

      Best to Ernie and sending hugs, love and gratitude to you. Plus awe, in you, my dear.

    • thanks, Sandy.
      I’m not worried about being disappointed.

      • Thank you, Lori. Your confidence in me means everything.


        Now, if I can only not disappoint myself.

        That’s the acid test for me. Always. Every day. Isn’t that fun?


  2. Hi Sandy

    You might remember that In Transit (now in it’s 15th year!) built a web site (with one of the few HTML newbies) in 1986. All the best in your new venture – at least you won’t have to correct spell check that Americanizes your words anyway. Be well!

    • Hi, Tracy…
      Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. How could I forget, you sweet girl. Wow, you are a loyal friend. SI’m so happy you’re sounding so happy.
      Today, I had such bizarre computer problems. I couldn’t do anything. I was so scared. Anyway, all is well.
      How about you, you dynamo? You are so amazing. There is nothing you cannot do. How’s Adam? How’s your doggie? How’s your lovely life, here and there and everywhere!
      We’re great. Just overworked, but what else is new.
      You know us? We thrive on work.
      Anyway. Work beckons…
      Sooooooo.. sending you my deepest thanks for your thoughtfulness and good wishes on my new venture. You touch my heart, kiddo.
      Now, I’m going to turn myself into an onion for the evening.
      Neat trick, eh? I don’t do this often. Rarely, in fact, but it really helps.
      With deep affection always and, how’s this?
      A fitness package for the whole world! Don’t you love dreaming?

  3. Ah! That is the problem for all of us — or at least all of us over-achievers!

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